Saddlers Riding Club

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SHOW JUMPING – RING 1 – 10am Start


Unless otherwise stated, horses and ponies will compete together in each class but will be placed separately in their respective height category. Please declare when entering which section you are competing in. A pony must be 14.2hh or under. Horses and ponies may be ridden by riders any age, unless otherwise stated, so long as they are a suitable height and weight for the animal.


Class 1 Dog Jumping

A bit of fun to get us warmed up first thing with our other 4 legged friends. One round against the clock over a low course of jumps. End of year trophies for overall winner and runner-up. Entry fee £2

10.30am Cross Pole Clear Round

£2 per entry payable at the ring at time of entry.


Class 2 11am start. Lead Rein Jumping

A short course set over very low poles. Riders 9 years and under on 1st Jan 2018. Ponies 12.2hh and under.


Class 3 Newcomer Horse / Pony / Rider

A course of cross poles and very low poles with no fillers to introduce newcomers to Show Jumping. Competitors in this class may compete in class 4 but not classes 5, 6 or 7. Please enter this class in the spirit it is intended. Help and encouragement given to all. Horses and ponies will be placed together in this class.

Kindly sponsored by Ref:Tech


Clear Round

Course will be set for class 4 at 2ft and is not adjustable. £2 per entry payable at the ring at time of entry.

Not before 12pm Ring One Continued


Class 4 Very Novice Horses and Ponies 2ft

For very novice horse / pony / rider combinations not having won this class twice at Saddlers shows during or before 2017. Current qualifiers may compete during the 2018 season.


Class 5 Novice Horses and Ponies 2’3”

Excludes competitors from classes 2 and 3

Very kindly sponsored by Cavaletti Collection


Class 6 Intermediate Horses and Ponies 2’6”

Excludes competitors from classes 2 and 3


Class 7 Open Horses and Ponies 2’9”

Excludes competitors from classes 2,3 and 4

Kindly Sponsored by Alison Cotton at Forever Animal Care


Class 8 Novelty Class

A different event each month as follows:

~May Chase Me Charlie

~June Accumulator

~July Ride and Run

~Aug Pairs

~Sept Horse and Hound

~Oct Speed Class


Class 9 Working Hunter Horse and Pony

This class will take place in the show jumping ring at the completion of the ridden showing ring. A course of working hunter fences will be set at a maximum height of 2’6”

Kindly sponsored by Equus Health